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Explore the Vibrant City Of Lisbon on An Antique Tram Number 28

Next stop, an unforgettable experience, as you explore the most iconic parts of Lisbon while sitting on a historical yellow tram.

Welcome to the Second Oldest City in Europe

If you’re heading to Portugal, we wouldn't be surprised if your prime destination is Lisbon. Even if you are heading to Porto or Lagos, deciding not to pay the capital a quick visit would be a big mistake! What’s the big deal? Well, Lisbon is easily considered one of the most vibrant and charismatic cities in Europe, it mixes history and modernity, with charming streets, authentic trams, architecture, and of course the Mediterranean climate. What more could you ask for from a spring city break or a European summer adventure?

A Ride to Remember / A Transmatic Ride to Remember Whether your trip to Lisbon is short and sweet, or lengthy with plenty of time to explore, it just wouldn’t be complete without jumping on one of the antique and historical yellow trams. The classic yellow carriages that look as if they belong in the museum are known as remodelados, and have become a universally recognised symbol of Lisbon.

Taking a ride on one of the trams is a fairytale-like way to explore the city's most memorable, charming streets, and top avenues. With warm wind blowing gently in your face, and the subtle smell of the sea as you look through the vintage-style window and observe the historical attractions, time-honoured streets, locals and tourists passing by, and many more. And just imagine adding a fiery sunset to this already spectacular trip.... you will be simply spell-bound!

Experience the Charm of ‘Number 28’ Tram Grab a coffee and your camera because this 40 minute to an hour ride with tram number 28 will take you through some of the most iconic attractions the city has to offer!

There are currently five trams operating throughout Lisbon, each taking you to completely different destinations. Tram 28, also known as ‘Elétrico 28’ is the most popular one because of its fantastic route. The €6 trip takes you from the Martim Moniz square to the Prazeres district, going through the centre of Lisbon and passing through some of the oldest, most historical parts of the city such as; the Praça Luís de Camões, Basílica da Estrela, R. Conceição and even the Catelo De de São Jorge perched on the highest hill of Lisbon.

Top tip: If you’re boarding from Martim Moniz, we recommend you grab a seat on the left side so you can enjoy the spectacular ocean views as you ride through Alfama, and witness the sea and the cathedral right from the bottom of the hill, a view you will reminisce about for a while.

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