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Grab Your Passport, We’re Going to Rejuvenate Our Bodies In Iceland’s Steaming Waters.

Less stress, more relaxation! If the sound of diving in steaming, fresh springs and milky turquoise waters in the middle of a cold winter sounds too good to be true, then you probably haven't heard of Iceland's infamous Blue Lagoon.

Let’s face it, skipping Blue Lagoon while visiting Iceland is like ignoring Machu Picchu in Peru. It is an unforgettable, rejuvenating experience that should be on all of Iceland's visitors to-do lists, and for all the right reasons. You will soak your body and relax in the most enchanting and marvelously therapeutic milky blue spring waters, while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of mossy green and black lava fields.If this magical place sounds too good to be true, you will just have to see it for yourself (you won't be disappointed).

Let’s Get Scientific For a Second Let us start from the beginning so you’ll know exactly what you are diving into. These famous man-made waters are sourced from a nearby geothermal field, and a mix of 70% ocean water and 30% fresh water. They are filled with many minerals such as algae and silica, known to be healing for the body, tissue-repairing, and soothing for many skin conditions. So you will not only be able to relax and escape from your daily life, but also restore and nourish your body while surrounded by the beauty of Icelandic nature? The answer is totally yes!

Winter Never Disappoints Tourists have been traveling to visit the rejuvenating waters all year round, but let us tell you a secret, Iceland is even more of an incredible destination during the winter season, especially if you want to visit the Blue Lagoon. But we know what you might be thinking, swimming in the freezing cold weather? It doesn't sound very pleasant! The waters you will be dipping into are super heated by magma, located 2,000 meters below the earth, so you will be all warm and snug, while observing spectacular landscapes covered in layers of snow. Once you step in, you will not want to leave.

P.S. You might get lucky and see the Northern Lights if you go between September and March!

Whether you want to visit the Blue Lagoon to pamper your skin, or see its turquoise blue water up close while having a swim with your friends, you’re sure to leave feeling radiant and refreshed.

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