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This Not-so-Typical Tour Will Show you a Side of Berlin Many Don’t Get to Experience.

Discover the history of Berlin from an urban perspective as we take you on a street-art and graffiti tour around the city, the local style.

Every city has a different charm and character that speaks to us all in completely different ways, evokes different emotions and teaches us different lessons. The city of Berlin is no exception, it will change your perception of ‘city life’, make you admire different forms of art, and maybe even dance to techno music. It is a city that appeals to all types of people, the party lovers, adventure seekers, history and culture admirers, art junkies, Berlin has you covered!

‘Art Is Either Plagiarism or Revolution’ Hold up on the museum tickets for now because there is a more adventurous and exciting way to learn all about joining the street-art tour! Through which you will discover the side of Berlin you have never seen before, learn all about the city's history and urban culture, and uncover places you would have never found when exploring by yourself. After all, Berlin just would not be Berlin if it wasn't for their contemporary, creative and at times questionable street art scattered throughout the whole city... And it’s a great way to meet fellow travelers and make new friends!

You See Graffiti, I See History Street art is for everyone, it is a means of urban communication, depicting protests, values and beliefs systems, stories, optimism, and social commentaries at a street level. It gives people a way to be heard and presents a popular opinion in an artistic, thought-provoking way. For Berlin, street art began with the Berlin Wall and quickly became a scene for artists to express their thoughts, frustrations, and a way to deal with the controversies they faced. The movement had quickly spread across Berlin and street art became known as the ‘City’s mind’, with inspiring messages about peace, lessons from the past, untold stories, and many beautiful captions. It is considered a narrative of history that books don’t tell.

Touring around Berlin- The Local Style Without spoiling too much fun, let us give you a sneak peek of what awaits you on the street art and graffiti tour...

During the 3-hour tour, you will learn all about how Berlin became the capital of urban art, while walking through the rural, alternative districts of Berlin. Wandering through Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, you will explore different styles of street art, differences between legal and illegal graffiti, their historical significance, as well as their hidden messages and meanings. You will get the chance to visit the East Side Gallery, the longest preserved section of the Berlin wall filled with fantastic

graffiti from artists who visited back in the 90’s. Whereas the district of Kreuzberg will present some of the oldest works of street art steeped in history. You will also stroll through the local, ‘underrated’ streets of Berlin filled with spectacular paintings of vibrant colours and fascinating stories worth paying attention to.

There is no better way to experience the history and culture of Berlin than to see it through the eyes of the public, marked on the ageing walls of the city that tell stories, subjective truths, and lessons from the past. One thing is certain, by the end of your trip you will know more about Berlin than you would have ever imagined.

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