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Believe us when we say this trip to WONDR will simulate all of your senses!

The Art of Careless Fun Whoever decides to pay Amsterdam a visit already knows it’s going to be an exciting trip. Netherlands capital city is, without a doubt, filled with the most outside-the-box experiences, unusual yet thrilling attractions and lots of ‘wow’ moments. You might have already come across one of them on your Instagram page, with people posting selfies in what looks like a confetti-sprinkled world of colour, fantasy and playfulness, the place known as WONDR.

Less stress, more Marshmallows Located in Meeuwenlaan, the WONDR Experience, also known as ‘that super Instagrammable place’ is a ‘hyper-visual realm’ that aims to encourage creativity, fantasy and pure joy. Stepping into WONDR feels kind of like being in the middle of a surreal yet magical dream, with each room having a completely different concept and theme all filled with fantastic colours and out-of-this-world objects.

Let your imagination run wild for a day and evoke your most playful, imaginative self we can as you immerse yourself in a sea of pink marshmallows, right under the confetti shower (because life is better with glitter), choose your favourite song (we recommended a 90’s classic) and dance carelessly under hundreds of dazzling disco balls, or why not explore the tropical jungle filled with exciting amusements. Whatever you’re in a mood for, we can assure you one thing, this one of a kind experience will simulate all of your senses!

Photogenic or not, let's play! And to add a cherry on top of this already sweet and thrilling experience, you don’t have to worry about pausing the fun to take hundreds of selfies, as there are numerous cameras scattered around each room, capturing your most ecstatic moments, which you will receive via email at the end of the experience.

No matter your age, let your inner child come out to play for a day as you explore the world of endless creativity, playfulness and imagination in this enchanting adventure of pure fantasy.

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