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Let’s Get Down and Dirty at the El Totumo Mud Volcano in Colombia

One minute you are catching the sun at the Sabanilla Beach, the next minute you are swimming in a mud soup right in the middle of an active volcano. Life really is full of surprises!

Introducing a New Kind-of Spa Experience, Right Inside a Volcano! Colombia is fast becoming the highlight of many people’s visit to South America, travellers dedicate even weeks backpacking, vacationing along the coast and exploring the land. At some point of your exciting adventure you will most likely come across the El Totumo Mud Volcano, an attraction that definitely gets the people talking. What exactly is this volcano? Let us ask you; have you ever stepped foot inside a real volcano? How about taking a dip in one, without panicking for your dear life?

Leave your favourite white swimming suit behind and prepare to get messy, as you take a dip in what is a bath of naturally-heated, bubbly mud right inside an active volcano. The scene is a little crazy, and nothing like the glamorous spas most imagine.

Jump Right into this Unforgettable Experience First step, climbing a tall, muddy, and quite slippery ladder, from which you will jump right into the thick, dark grey, heated soup. What may feel slightly surreal at first will quickly turn into a laughter, as the first challenge you will be faced with is finding a sense of balance while completely covered in this magical and surprisingly buoyant mud. Once you get yourself comfortable, you’ll be able to float effortlessly while making a complete mess of yourself as you lather yourself up in the rejuvenating, thick soup. But that's exactly what you’re there for, so just go with the flow!

From the Evil Volcano, to Volcano of Youth The story has it that El Totumo used to be the work of the devil, spewing hot lava over the Bolivar region of Colombia. Until one day, a priest sprinkled holy water over the magama, transforming the lava into restorative, dealing mud for all to enjoy. But if you think you will be rolling in just some ordinary mud, think again! The El Totumo Mud Volcano has many healing and skin-rejuvenating properties, often referred to as the ‘Volcano of Youth’, so don’t be shy and just lather yourself in this unforgettable volcanic experience!

This volcanic spa will definitely bring you more laughs than relaxation, but one thing is certain, you will leave feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed than ever! (Despite having to take all the mud off in a nearby lake.. But it’s all part of the experience!

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