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Look Away Now as We Take You For a Spectacular Ride Around The Grand Canyon

Calling all adrenaline and adventure lovers, this helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon will blow your mind!

Warning! This one is not for those scared of heights, unless you want to step outside of your comfort zone, because this experience is worth all the scares.

You’ve been wanting to visit the Grand Canyon? We’re not surprised, it is the most jaw-dropping and mesmerising wonder of the world that only a small percentage of people will see in their lifetime. Words can't do the Grand Canyon justice, even the most frequent visitors haven’t taken in all that this astonishing national park has to offer - they keep coming back for more!

And if you thought this experience couldn't get any better, imagine hovering 4,000 feet in the sky, surrounded by over 277 miles of these jaw-dropping views. Time almost feels like it has stopped as you peacefully observe this breathtaking world wonder from the bird's-eye-view, with an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration and contentment. That’s right, a tour of the Grand Canyon on a helicopter!

Where is The Grand Canyon and What’s The Big Deal? For those who have not come across the Grand Canyon, prepare to be astonished. Located in Arizona, this massive canyon is formed over several million years of erosion, rain, wind and the Colorado River. It is historically recognised as the largest canyon in the world, being over 277 miles long, ten miles wide, offering a variety of breathtaking outlooks and viewpoints that cannot be matched. And with so many secret locations to explore, it is without a doubt every adventurer’s dream destination.

How Do I Have This Unforgettable Experience ?

Those who have visited the Grand Canyon on a helicopter describe it as a thrilling and truly unforgettable experience. The helicopters have large windows which provide a dreamlike view all around, and with the freedom of flying in any direction and height ( even to the bottom of the canyons) you definitely won’t miss out on any details of the jaw-dropping views and get to feel how massive this world wonder actually is.

There are numerous helicopter tours you can choose from, each with different packages and perks. The starting locations for the tours are Las Vegas, South Rim and West Rim. You can also choose the service based on a specific time and duration of the tour. Here are just some of the most recommended helicopter tour rides.

The Grand Celebration Tour From Las Vegas provides a private, 70 minute tour over the Canyon with 30 minutes of on-land exploring.

The Grand Voyager Tour From Las Vegas allows you to explore the Canyon from top to bottom as they take you for a 1h helicopter ride, followed by a boat ride along the Colorado River.

The North Canyon Tour From South Rim makes it quick and easy to see the most breathtaking views. Offering 30 minute helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon and the North rim.

Imperial With Ecostar From South Rim provides a multilingual tour narration over the East and North Canyon rims. With oversized windows and 50 minute tour durations, you won’t miss a single detail.

Take a whole new perspective and experience this magical world wonder from the sky., This experience will be a truly unforgettable one.

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