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The Borough Market in London Will Satisfy All of Your Taste-Buds

A trip to London wouldn't be complete without visiting the city's most beloved Borough Market, a place where everyone's food fantasies come true.

Good old London, one of the most-visited, most iconic, cultural cities on the planet, from its rich history to diverse culture, we can all agree there is just something special about that place. And whilst you could spend months getting lost in endless amounts of events, tours, and attractions, we must admit that ignoring the best food market in the city is a crime against deliciousness, especially for all the food lovers out there.

Taste Dishes from All Over the World The Borough Market is one of the city's oldest, most beloved foodie meccas, visitors really are spoiled for choice when deciding which stalls to try out first. From Argentinian empanadas to traditional French cheese platters, this market is a true feast for the eyes, and taste buds. Seriously, we think it would be easier to name cuisines this delicious destination doesn't have!

Here are just a few of the many mouth-watering stalls the Borough Market has to offer.

You Had Me at Merlot It’s never too early for wine o’clock, or so we’ve heard. As you walk into the Borough Market, one of the first things you’ll see is a massive beer and wine stall, where you can taste wines from all over the world, or have a classic British pint while deciding where to head out next. And don’t forget to visit their small local pub behind the market at the end of your trip, because wine not?

Try a Lobster from a 1950’s Camper Van Stop by at BOB’s Lobster where you can try one of the market’s infamous lobster rolls and crab taster totes straight out of a 1950’s camper van. Their freshly served, high quality seafood got the market talking and the Camber van quickly earned their place in the London street food hall of fame.

Fiesta Like there’s no Mañana Experience the Spanish warm and lively culture at the Brindisa Kitchen Bar, where you can choose from a variety of their tasty, traditional dishes and watch them being cooked right in front of you as you sit by the bar. From their homemade charcuterie,

to spectacular seafood counter, their variety of deliciousness will have you wanting to try all of the dishes at once.

Did Someone Say Mexican Goodies? Spice up your home-made dishes with a little help from no other than the Changarro stall. A small, but passionate, family-run business by Greg and Natalie, who provide ethically sourced, traditional Mexican cupboard goodies, such as: dried chillies, salsas, corn tortillas and everything else you need to recreate your own classic Mexican dishes at home.

Something New for Your Taste Buds If you’ve never tried the Greek-Cypriot kitchen, Gourmet Goat is your next destination! The stall’s menu is a fantastic combination of authentic East Mediterranean dishes inspired by traditional Greek and Cytiot recipes. With their thoughtfully sourced ingredients and unique flavour combinations, Gourmet Goat will satisfy all of your taste buds, especially the Bulgur Pilaf dish!

Coffee Catch Up The Monmouth Coffee Shop has to be one of the most popular cafes in London, the queues just to get into the cafe speak for themselves. Famously known for their high quality beans and roasting heritage, the cafe offers one of the most flavoursome Americanos in the city that will make you appreciate every sip you take.

Try before You Buy We know choosing from such a variety of delicious foods can feel overwhelming, that is why many of the stalls offer samples for you to ‘try’ before you buy. You can choose from simply anything, from mushroom pates, to paellas. It is a great way to try new and exciting flavours and decide what you are really in a mood for.

Stock Up on Fresh and Organic Fruits & Veggies Leaving the Borough Market without picking your favourite fruits and vegetables as you head out just wouldn't just be a successful trip, especially with so many colourful and mouth-watering stalls to choose from.

The Borough Market will, without a doubt, become your ultimate go-to market! With so many exciting, colourful and tasty options to choose from, in such a pleasant atmosphere we wouldn't be surprised if you’d want to re-visit every weekend.

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